The Red Series

The Red Series explores my struggles with conflicting feelings and reactions to feelings. I use mark marking and gestural imagery as my primary language to express and navigate these struggles. The overt mark making is reflective of how unique each conflict feels to me, and honors the energy of paths I follow while experiencing and reacting to conflict. Though the compositions I create seek to explore particular experiences I have had or have observed, the specifics that created the conflict are intentionally left out. Instead, I focus the conversation on the process of feeling and reacting, and encourage audiences to consider their own conflicts when viewing my work.

Internal Dialogues, with Figurative Inspiration from Freddie Mercury & a Moth

4’x4’, 2018

Untitled Self Portrait

22”x30”, 2018

The Grim Grin

8”x8”, 2018

Discovery of Plant Eats Blood

8”x8”, 2018

Bones Found

8”x8”, 2018

Gabriel or Donatello or Verne is a part of The Red Series—a series exploring feelings of trauma, anger,
passion and love. Materials in this piece, especially the fabrics, were chosen for their strong association with home, old furniture, and domestic belonging. This material was contrasted with the creation of a horse-like form whose limbs were elongated and body distorted. The disparity between the materials and the form were used to express the trauma of trying to fit in; to fail at fulfilling an expected role; to be large but delicate but proud; to need help and care to survive as a new creature and artwork.

Gabriel or Donatello or Verne

7.5’x8’x5, 2018